Application Threat Model PFD - Process Flow Diagram

Threat Modeling – Data Flow Diagram vs Process Flow Diagram

Threat modeling was first conceived as a process by which potential threats to an application could be proactively identified before the application was even developed, and appropriate mitigating controls could then be considered for implementation. Traditionally, threat models are built using a data flow diagramming (DFD) process. Yet as threat modeling has evolved to include[…]

Credit Card POS System Reader - Credit Card Data Breach

The Enterprise-Level Collateral Damage of a Credit Card Data Breach

Much of the public discussion on cybersecurity and compromised identities has centered on consideration of a credit card data breach – to the point where the public barely raises an eyebrow over new incidences. And indeed, most credit card issuers have become very efficient at detecting fraudulent activity over the past few years so that[…]

Creating a Drone Threat Model - UAVs threat modeling

Creating a Drone Threat Model: The Impact of a Drone Breach

From hobbyist and enthusiast looking for exciting recreation, to air force commanders coordinating military campaigns, Unmanned Arial Vehicles (UAV) – or drones – are in the air and in the news. And as one might expect, where there’s new technology based on wireless computer communications, cyber security issues are sure to follow. Historically, security has[…]

Social Profile Breach - Social Media Icons on iPhone

The Collateral Damage of a Social Profile Breach

The previous installment in our series on the collateral damage, which a data breach can wreak upon individuals, we considered the profound possibilities of a privileged information breach. This article reviews the potential damages that can occur with a social profile breach. The information on your social media platform may not seem like a big[…]

Privileged Information Breach - Client Attorney Privileges - Constitutional Rights

The Collateral Damage of a Privileged Information Breach

We’ve been looking at the damage that may result to individuals whose information is stolen when corporate or government databases are breached. Our previous article considered the collateral damage possibilities if your biometric information was compromised. In this article we review the possibilities when a privileged information breach occurs. Privileged information is any communication between[…]

Biometric Information Breach - Fingerprint Scan

The Collateral Damage of a Biometric Information Breach

Our series on the collateral damage of a data breach has examined many probable outcomes that may result when your records are stolen. Our last article contemplated a geolocation information breach. In this article we discuss and contemplate the very serious ramifications of a biometric information breach. The use of an individual’s physical traits as[…]