June 24, 2016

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About us – The ThreatModelerTM platform is a fully-supported, unique feature-rich threat modeling about us - threat modeler - threat modeling platformproduct offering end-to-end security and risk management solutions for Apps, Operations / Architecture, Cloud, Embedded / IoT, and Mobile. By integrating security starting from the design phase, developing and maintaining security is far more cost effective. ThreatModeler’s threat modeling platform helps companies establish processes, promoting awareness throughout the company and ensuring the processes are adopted by various stakeholders. Establishing a process for managing these risks, is critical to any businesses’ success.




ThreatModeler’s Leadership

Anurag “Archie” Agarwal, CISSP, Founder, CEO, and Chief Technical Architect
With more than 20 years of real-world experience in threat and risk analysis, Anurag has been instrumental in successfully implementing secure software development processes at a number of Fortune 1000 companies to minimize their exposure to cyber threats and mitigate risks. Prior to founding ThreatModeler, he was the Director of Education Services at WhiteHat Security.
Chris W. Kenworthy, President, and COO
Deep experience in cyber-security – global sales, marketing, strategy, ops, and GTM. Serial-entrepreneur, corporate executive, and board member. Experienced in 7+ start-ups and larger/multinational corporations. Endpoint, network, SaaS/cloud, cyber-intelligence, risk, analytics, breach detection, and mobile; serving global enterprises, channels, and strategic partners. Experienced GTM, building global sales teams, marketing, operations, revenue growth, product strategy, integration, partnering, and M&A 
Franklin Donahoe, CISSP, Advisor
With more than 25 years of experience in cyber and physical security, Mr. Donahoe has consulted and worked in some of the top global multi-national companies such as Deloitte, Costco, and T-Mobile, in the technology, healthcare, and global wholesale/retail sectors. He has experience developing and executing strategy, operations, and budgets for the protection of enterprise information assets and managing security programs. He also has executed successful fraud, executive, and physical protection programs. Franklin is also a Board Member of Lynx Technology Partners, one of Inc. Magazine’s fastest-growing private companies and ranked among the top US security companies. 


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