June 24, 2016

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About us – MyAppSecurity created the threatmodeler.com platform and provides a fully-supported, unique feature-rich threat modeling product offering end to end software security risk management solutions in Web Application Security starting from the design to implementation phases of development. Hosting insecure applications can lead to fraud costing businesses millions in litigation and negative branding which can cost even more. By integrating security starting from design phase, developing and maintaining secure applications are far more cost effective than the insecure applications. MyAppSecurity threat modeling platform helps companies establish processes, promoting awareness throughout the company and ensuring the processes are adopted by various development and QA teams. Establishing a process for managing these risks, is critical to any businesses’ success.

about us - threat modeler - threat modeling platformAnurag Agarwal, the founder of MyAppSecurity and the Threatmodeler product, has a proven record in providing customers with solutions related to security risk management. Anurag is a former Director of Education Services at WhiteHat Security and has over 15 years of experience designing, developing, managing and securing web applications with companies like Citigroup, Cisco, HSBC Bank, and GE Medical Systems to name a few. He is an active contributor to the web application security field and has written several articles on secure design and coding for online magazines.

A frequent speaker on web application security at various conferences, Anurag is actively involved with organizations such as the WASC (Web Application Security Consortium) and OWASP (Open Web Application Security Project). He started the project on Web Application Security Scanner Evaluation Criteria and is currently a project leader for OWASP developer’s guide and OWASP Common Vulnerability List. Along with the MyAppSecurity team, he looks forward to transforming the business of application security by offering solutions and a threat modeling platform that every business can easily implement easily and effortlessly.

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