ThreatModeler reduces the cost of threat modeling by 80%

Threat Modeler - Threat Modeling - Flat screen with OTMThreatModeler redefines threat modeling by:

  • Automating the threat modeling process with its Centralized Threat Library & Intelligent Threat Engine
  • Integrating threat modeling into the existing SDLC process to build secure code and minimize risk
  • Collaborate with all the stakeholders across the organization to identify threats and prioritize the mitigation strategy
  • Supporting the DevOps process with chained application threat models and operational threat models
  • Scaling the threat modeling process across hundreds or even thousands of threat models
  • Measuring the effectiveness of your threat modeling initiative with dashboards, reports, trends, and checklists
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Why ThreatModeler?

ThreatModeler is a feature-rich, fully-supported threat modeling product which enables organizations large and small to build and maintain threat models with ease and at a reasonable cost. ThreatModeler makes it possible to construct up-to-date threat models not in months or weeks, but in days, or even hours. ThreatModeler combines ease of use, and collaborative features, to generate comprehensive, reusable, scalable, and enterprise-wide actionable output.

  • Reduces High Costs

    ThreatModeler reduces the high cost of fixing production vulnerabilities by 70%

  • Reduces Risk Exposure

    ThreatModeler reduces the application security risk by as much as 75%

  • Increased Efficiency

    ThreatModeler reduces the cost of manual process by 80%

  • Full Support

    ThreatModeler is a fully supported product with frequent updates to its threat library


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