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    The Industry’s #1 Automated Threat Modeling Platform

Industry leading threat modeling technology for each part of your IT ecosystem


ThreatModeler identifies 99% of Static ("SAST") and Dynamic ("DAST") application level threats before code is ever written.


ThreatModeler's contextual threat engine facilitates the identification of unidentified threats leading to reduction of residual risk by 70%.


ThreatModeler provides scalability at 15% of the cost of traditional manual threat modeling by accelerating risk identification further left in the SDLC.

Three powerful automated solutions for building your next threat model

ThreatModeler is the world's most powerful threat modeling software platform. Web-based and platform-independent, it has been designed to fill a critical and growing need among today’s information security professionals: to build Threat Models of their organizations' data, software, hardware, or cloud. ThreatModeler automates the process of threat modeling, allowing organizations to scale their threat modeling initiatives across tens of thousands of threat models. ThreatModeler can be deployed into a public or private cloud, as well as On Premise.


Just getting started? The Standard Edition gives you the ability to quickly and easily kick start your threat model program.


Our DevOps solution provides an integrated threat modeling platform that integrates into your DevOps toolchain or CI/CD pipeline.


Enterprise Unlimited is a full, turn-key, all-you-can-eat solution for the more mature, established threat modeling program.

Finally. An automated solution for Threat Modeling.

The ThreatModeler interface is easy to master, for security and non-security professionals alike. Users need simply to provide functional information about their applications or systems. 

ThreatModeler’s innovative Intelligent Threat Engine (ITE) then automatically analyzes this information and identi es a list of potential threats, ranked by risk; a list of security requirements; and test cases. This information is necessary to the solid foundation of any secure SDLC initiative.

Check out the ThreatModeler in action

ThreatModeler redefines traditional threat modeling

Powerful Automation with Ease of Use

Automate the threat modeling creation process with our simple widget-based UI and intelligent APIs - drag, drop, and connect!

Automatically Identify Threats

Identify threats automatically with the Intelligent Threat Engine - with more than 700 threat definitions out-of-the-box with real-time updates

Integration and Team Collaboration

Collaborate with all stakeholders across the organization to identify threats and prioritize the most effective mitigation strategy, as well as, integrate with you SDLC process.

Multiple Use Cases

Create and use threat models for Apps, Operations / Architecture, Cloud, IoT, and Mobile

Store and Roll-Up

Store all threats, assets, and threat models - across all users - for corporate-wide roll-up and attack surface analysis

Flexible Deployment

ThreatModeler can be deployed into a public or private cloud environment like AWS, Azure, as well as, On Premise.

"Threat modeling has been used to identify potential threats in critical and high-risk applications for years. Traditional processes, though, are too slow and resource-intensive to be used effectively in today’s fast-paced agile and DevOps environments."
Archie Agarwal
Founder and Chief Technical Architect of ThreatModeler
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